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Financial statements must be prepare annually for your business these accounts will include the following:

A balance sheet showing the value of everything the companies owns and is owed at year end of the company

A profit and loss accounts , detailing the company’s sales, expenditure and profit or loss for the financial year.

Notes about the accounts

A directors report

Unless you are filing your company’s first accounts the time normally allowed for delivering accounts is:

To Companies House – 9 months from the accounting reference date for the Limited company

To HM Revenue and Customs- 12 months from the accounting reference date for the Limited Company

Please note that the Corporation Tax payment must be made to HM Revenue & Customs nine months and one day after the accounting reference date.

Why is the preparation of company accounts so important?

The preparation of accounts is important for a business for many reasons:

It can assist in obtaining finance for the business and may be a condition of existing finance the company receives.

Some suppliers will request copies of your accounts as part of their check before allowing your company a Credit account.

Company owner’s may be required to provide accounts to their financial advisor in order to obtain a personal mortgage.

Accounts can highlight the areas that a company may need to make changes to improve profitability.

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